apricot PP5 by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
User-friendly, multi-channel pipetting perfect for shared resource environments.

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apricot PP5
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The apricot PP5 brings together the functionality of several pipettors into one space-saving instrument suited for both production and laboratory environments. Its accurate, reliable and repeatable automation minimizes repetitive tasks and eliminates pipetting errors to increase productivity. The intuitive interface, compact 5 plate position automated deck and optional active tip wash or reagent reservoir station simplify and significantly speed up multi-step liquid handling processes. 

Features and benefits of the apricot PP5 

  • 5 linear stations, plus 1 tip wash/reservoir station 
  • 1, 8, 12, 16, 24, 96,384 channel pipetting 
  • Multiple pipetting heads of various formats on deck 
  • High-precision pipetting heads are independent of pipetting mechanism 
  • On the fly tip changes with EZ-Load tip technology 
  • Intuitive iPad® controller is easy to use 
  • Also, available with PC software controller 
  • Microplate stacker and robotics readily integrates into an automation work cell integrated tip washing system 
  • Small footprint maximizes bench space and fits in most standard hoods 


EZ-Load technology 

EZ-Load technology simplifies semi-automated pipetting with disposable tips without the need for any additional tools or fixtures for loading or unloading. The EZ-Load tips simply drop directly into the head and are ready to use in seconds. The upward clamping force onto the EZ-Load head, whether done with an easy manual lever or with a motorized clamp, will provide a simple and consistent seal which is required for the best pipetting results. 


  • Plate replication 
  • Plate reformatting 
  • Reagent addition 
  • Compound addition 
  • Serial dilution by column 
  • Purification 
  • PCR Prep 
  • ELISA 
  • NGS library preparation 
  • Cell-based assay 
  • + Much more! ...

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apricot PP5 by SPT Labtech product image

apricot PP5

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide

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