Akura™ Twin Microplate by InSphero

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide
Akura™ Twin Microplate enables organ-organ cross-talk with immune cells at scale. Liquid, cell and spheroid handling as well as readouts can be highly automated through the use of ist unique plate features and plate standards. The pack contains individually wrapped Akura™ Twin Microplates with black-walled body bonded to transparent, continuous, 188 µm COP membrane, ultra-low-attachment coated, sterile, includes lid. 

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Akura™ Twin Microplate
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The Akura™ Microplate is based on the Akura™ 384 plate body, in which always two adjacent wells are connected by a 100-µm high, 1.6-mm wide microchannel resulting in 192 twin pairs per plate.

The Akura™ Twin Microplate is an assay plate for pre-formed spheroids. InSphero recommends Akura™ 96 and 384 Plates for the generation of spheroids and parallel transfer into the Akura™ Twin Microplate after quality control.

  • Unique SureXchange™ ledge engineered prevents unintended spheroid and immune cell aspiration
  • Cell-repellent properties at all surfaces of wells and microchannels for long-term non-adherent culturing of spheroids and suspension cells
  • Superior high-content imaging quality with a continuous, flat-bottom, 188 μm COP membrane, and a black-walled body

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Akura™ Twin Microplate by InSphero product image

Akura™ Twin Microplate

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide

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