Akura™ 3D SureKit by InSphero

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide
The Akura™ 3D SureKit provides a validated all-in-one solution to generate primary human spheroids. The package includes 3 Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplates, 1 Akura™ Tilting Stand, cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes (>1M/vial), 40 ml Aggregation base medium (stored at 4°C), 12.5 ml Aggregation supplement (stored at -20°C), 200 ml Maintenance base medium (stored at 4°C), and 10 ml Maintenance supplement (stored at -20°C).

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Akura™ 3D SureKit
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The 3D SureKit contains frozen primary human hepatocytes and specialized media to aggregate the cells and culture-formed spheroids. 3D optimized Akura™ 96 Plates are included to allow for homogenous aggregation and loss-free media exchanges. Reference characterization data and dose-response curves for model DILI compounds are provided as benchmark data for your in-house experiments.

  • Hepatocytes guaranteed to form 3D spheroids
  • The best-in-class 3D cell culture compatible Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplates, which guarantee homogenous aggregation of cells, minimal tissue loss during media exchanges, and an optimized geometry designed to minimize media evaporation
  • InSphero proprietary aggregation and culture media are essential for generating and maintaining spheroids
  • Access to QC data and protocols

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Akura™ 3D SureKit by InSphero product image

Akura™ 3D SureKit

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide

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