AIA®-CL1200 by Tosoh Bioscience

Manufacturer Tosoh Bioscience
The AIA ® -CL1200 is the mid-size analyser, ideal for medium and large hospitals and clinics, reference labs and core labs. With a throughput of up to 120 results/h, assay time of 15 min for most analytes, advanced automation features, and excellent analytical performance, it offers a unique solution to labs and it improves patient outcomes. The AIA-CL automated immunoassay analysers utilise the unique AIA-CLPACK ®  twin cup format. 

AIA<sup>®</sup>-CL1200 by Tosoh Bioscience product image
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  • Throughput: Up to 120 tests/hour
  • Continuous loading with on-board capacity of up to; 100 samples, 480 tips, 640 twin cups
  • Up to 20 analytes per sample
  • Walk away time ~ 3.5 hours
  • More than 50 analytes onboard
  • Long calibration stabilities (90 days for all assays)
  • Reagent Cooling ≤ 15°C
  • STAT position
  • Automated daily maintenance
  • Optional: Automatic dilution device for buffer preparation
  • Tosoh’s immunoassay range offers a unique solution to labs with advanced automation and improved patient outcomes