AD6020 Aspirate / Dispense Platform by BioDot Inc.

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
The AD6020 combines BioDot’s precision low volume dispensing technologies and a large customizable nest to create a high throughput, multi-channel automated liquid handling workstation. Nests for MTPs and slides are available or the system can be customized for unique spotting surfaces and/or labware. Manufacturing throughput can be optimized through single/dual shuttle nest designs.

AD6020 Aspirate / Dispense Platform by BioDot Inc. product image
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BioJet Elite proprietary non contact dispensing technology, links high resolution syringe pump liquid displacement with micro-solenoid actuated valve, controlling drop ejections.

This synchronization of parameters enables "on the fly" dispensing at very high speeds without compromising drop positional accuracy. Vision inspection and barcode reading can be configured for verification of the substrate positioning and reagent spot dispensing. Features: Overhead Gantry XYZ System (600 x 600 mm motion envelope) Fixed Nest Base Enclosure with Humidity Control Chassis PC Control Workstation with AxSys Software Aspirate and Dispense Capability Choice of 3 Nests. 

Product Features:

  • 1 - 16 Dispensing Channels
  • Picoliter to Microliter Volumes (see options)
  • Aspirate/Dispense and Direct Dispense
  • Motorized X, Y, Z Axes
  • Dispense area of 470 x 555 mm
  • Dispense onto Slides, Plates or Membranes
  • Manual Pull Out Nest
  • Nest (Flat Datum, MTP, Vac/Mag or Slide)
  • Integrated Wash/Vacuum Station
  • Vision PLUS Package
  • ILD5000 In-Line Degasser
  • PC Control Workstation with LINK2020 Software
  • R&D and Production Throughput
  • Chassis
  • Footprint (147 x 118 x 156 cm)

*Dispense Volumes are Dispenser Technology Dependent


  • Biosensor / BioChip
  • Microarray
  • DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
  • Multiplex ELISAs
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Microfluidic
  • Low Volume PCR
  • Custom Applications