Accu-Chek Inform II by Roche

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Hospital blood glucose meter

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Accu-Chek Inform II

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  • Ease of use
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Perfect in the healthcare
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analyse Glucose on Point of care

"These intruments from Roche are easy to use and the training to be able to use it is also simple. It's fast and effective, the correlation between thoses intruments and the lab is perfect."

Review date: 16 Jul 2021 | Accu-Chek Inform II

The Accu-Chek® Inform II solution brings laboratory safety standards to bedside glucose testing and ­help ensure safety for patients and users

  • Infection control with an integrated product design of the meter, the test strips and the lancets
  • Improved clinical decision making with reports of actionable data per user needs

Enabling POC testing to meet the highest lab standards when non-laboratory experts conduct glucose testing

  • Lab standards met with lot-by-lot calibration and traceability to NIST
  • High accuracy with proven repeatability and reproducibility, 190+ interferences tested

Automated re-certification of device users and many other ­automated job tasks centralize the decentralized Point of Care traffic efficiently

  • POC workflow automation with automated user re-certification and notifications
  • Access and action of test results, operator performance, and system issues on the go