A10 TOC Monitor by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |   Model: ZFA100001  |  Available Worldwide
A10 TOC Monitor Provides a Complete Picture of Water Purity.

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A10 TOC Monitor
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EMD Millipore offers an alternative solution to scientists who wish to measure the TOC level in high purity water delivered by systems without a built-in TOC monitor.

The independent EMD Millipore A10 TOC monitor is a small analytical instrument that can be connected to any high purity laboratory water system in order to provide a rapid and accurate measurement of the TOC level in the water produced.

The EMD Millipore A10 TOC monitor will measure accurately Total Oxidizable Carbon between 1 and 999 ppb TOC values, and can be submitted to a TOC suitability test as described in the US and European Pharmacopoeia.

EMD Millipore A10 TOC monitors are calibrated in accordance with Millipore’s Quality Assurance System standard procedures and specifications. Traceability of measurement equipment is performed according to the Millipore Calibration System.

EMD Millipore A10 TOC monitors are delivered with a Certificate of Calibration. They can be recalibrated at user request and have been designed to take into account the suitability test requirements as specified in USP <643>.