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White Multiply® PCR Plates and highly transparent tapes for qPCR

SARSTEDT AG72.1978.232Available: Worldwide

Benefits of white coloured PCR consumables

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Durable, solid construction, high reading values and sensitivty.


Average Rating 5.0

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Very good compatibility, does not bend in PCR cyclers due to higher temperatures which I witnessed before with other manufacturers' products, solid construction.

Review Date: 25 Nov 2020 | SARSTEDT AG

Great plastics quality and value for money. Always give nice results.


Average Rating 5.0

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Quantitative PCR

Excellent compatibility with all thermal cyclers, high signal readings & affordable.

Review Date: 24 Sept 2020 | SARSTEDT AG

The best value for money


Average Rating 5.0

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Capillary electrophoresis

The 96 PCR Plate can be safely used for capillary electrophoresis. The results are reproducible and the value is very good.

Review Date: 2 May 2018 | SARSTEDT AG

The quality of the PCR plate is excellent!


Average Rating 4.7

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DNA amplification

The quality of the PCR plate is excellent! Guaranteed quality of results!

Review Date: 2 May 2018 | SARSTEDT AG

Fluorescence-based applications like qPCR, particularly those involving small volumes, benefit from the significantly improved reflection characteristics of the white wells. Specimens of low DNA concentration, too, can be more easily detected, on average two cycles earlier.

Compared to transparent wells, a 10-fold fluorescence level can be measured with white wells. Thanks to maximum signal reflection, Ct values are obtained earlier. In addition, the white plates minimize adverse effects like "cross talk" that would increase well-to-well variability in transparent wells. A new, highly transparent, pressure-sensitive qPCR tape for maximum fluorescence transmission complements the product range. Due to the innovative adhesive, the tape has excellent sealing properties with minimized evaporation values and will not stick to hands or gloves during application. It doesn’t show distortion under thermal stress and has a functional sealing range from -70°C to 100°C. In white plates sealed with this tape, the reagent volume (SYBR Green) per well can be reduced from 25 µl to 15 µl without significant changes in sensitivity and stability, enabling a 40 % decrease in qPCR reagent costs.

Product features at a glance

  • Highly increased PCR sensitivity especially with low template concentrations
  • Improved reproducibility of results
  • Prevention of crosstalk between the individual wells
  • Enhanced signal/background ratio
  • Sample volume reduction is possible without significant changes in stability or sensitivity
  • PCR Performance Tested: DNA-free, DNase/RNase-free, PCR Inhibitor-free

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