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UV Viewing Cabinets

Chromato-Vue® Viewing Cabinets from UVP provide a darkroom environment for viewing materials.   

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Wonderful! Strongly recommended to my friends!


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Observation of target compounds in thin layer chromatography.

The product is to my liking throughout my research process. This is because it produces high quality results. Users found it easy to operate without assistance from others. The pricing is moderate. I would strongly recommend to my colleagues if they are in need.

Review Date: 29 Jul 2020 | Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

The comfortable soft rubber viewport utilizes a contrast control viewing filter. This filter protects the eyes from harmful shortwave radiation and blocks the "blue haze" associated with longwave UV. Viewport has adequate space for eyeglasses. A lightweight access curtain allows for easy entry and blocks out external light. A variety of cabinets are available to choose from including mini cabinets for viewing minerals and education uses to larger cabinets for applications such as chromatography. Chromato-Vue Cabinet offers high-intensity shortwave and longwave UV positioned on two sides of the cabinet for uniform illumination for fluorescence studies such as TLC, also non-destructive testing, inspection applications. Photo shows optional Gel Cam camera and mount. 230V (115V available)

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