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Triax Series

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Short focal length triple grating imaging spectrographs

HORIBA Scientific

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JY Horiba is the best for custom spectroscopy.


Average Rating 5.0

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JY Horiba provided excellent support in helping me select the best custom system for my money. I needed a flexible spectral range, sensitive camera and variable sample chamber - I was helped patiently through available options.

Review Date: 2 Feb 2021 | HORIBA Scientific

The TRIAX series use special corrective optics that maintain an excellent image quality and resolution along the length of the slit as well as along the dispersion axis in the exit focal plane. Thus, a point source on the entrance slit is re-imaged as a point for every occurrence of its wavelength in the focal plane. This makes TRIAX instruments the ideal spectrographs for a wide application range of high resolution multichannel spectroscopy such as:

  • UV-NIR Absorption
  • Laser characterization
  • Fluorescence
  • Atmospheric studies
  • Source characterization

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