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Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Steri-Cycle™ CO2 Incubators

Thermo Fisher Scientific51033551, 51033550, Available: Worldwide

Designed to achieve your next breakthrough. The Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Steri-Cycle™ i160 and i250 CO2 Incubators deliver the performance reliability, ease of operation, and value required to support a range of culturing needs from basic research to the demanding, leading-edge applications, so you're ready for whatever comes next.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Every lab working with cell cultures should own this!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell Culturec

We use the Steri Cycle i160 CO2 Incubator in our lab for Hypoxia studies. This incubator provides options to control the oxygen levels through controlling nitrogen gas inputs. The oxygen sensor has been an excellent tool to help us to monitor the levels of oxygen accurately. It also provides a log for every open/close of the incubator door. I have to say the glass door is an excellent feature, allowing us to keep an eye on the cultures, which is not provided in other incubators. Moreover, the service from the Thermo Fisher team was helpful and quick; within a day, the service engineer reached out to us to correct a feature we had a problem with.

Review Date: 29 Mar 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Stable temperature, minimal contamination.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell culture

Temperature stable. Does not get contaminated. Only point to note is remember to remove the HEPA filter before running the sterilization cycle.

Review Date: 24 Mar 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

So good, there isn't much to say!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell culture of human stem cells

An example where two are better than one. The advantages of having two smaller sized incubators rather than one large one can not be underestimated, allowing for segregation of primary cells from cell lines and other convenient practices. Growth curves indicate the performance to date has been excellent, with the convenience from effective door seals and high grade steel shelves that stay perfectly level. It is helpful that a power indicator light on the front side, allows rapid verification that all is well in that regard as soon as one enters or exits the laboratory, a minor detail perhaps, but one of many thoughtful design qualities. Covered corner interiors help ensure no part of the surface is not reached when wiped clean and the in-line HEPA filters ensure the working volume of air is free of microbes as well as dust particles. The sterilisation cycles worked efficiently without overheating the room. Air humidity and CO2 levels recovered quickly after door opening, with the best thing to say about the incubators is that they don't invite much to say....they have performed well by reliably keeping the process of safe cell culture comfortably uneventful.

Review Date: 15 Jun 2018 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 incubators offer an advanced incubator design for sensitive cultures like stem and primary cells in leading research, pharmaceutical, and clinical applications. Through a holistic approach to culturing, our newest incubator series provides everything necessary for your most demanding and highly critical applications. By combining our latest technology advances in contamination control and uniform growth conditions with existing proven and reliable features, you are now able to achieve your goals faster, more reliably, and with less effort.

  • 165 L (160i model) or 255 L (250i model) capacity
  • THRIVE™ Active Airflow technology
  • 180 °C sterilization cycle with intuitive electronic lock function
  • Condensation-free humidification system
  • iCAN™ touchscreen
  • Sensors: TC or IR
  • Inner Chamber: stainless steel or 100% copper. Cell Locker System option for 160i version available.
  • Optional Thermo Scientific™ CultiMaxx™ Shelving Systems to maximize space for large cell culture vessels (250i model)
  • Optional O2 control
  • Optional OPC UA Gateway Kit to integrate into Distributed Control Systems

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