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Tecan CNS™

Tecan’s Common Notification System (CNS) allows Fluent®, Spark® and Freedom EVO® users to monitor their instrument status remotely from a mobile device.  

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Tecan CNS works with Fluent, Spark and Freedom EVO systems, giving users the freedom to work longer and further away from their instrument. Available for Apple and Android mobile devices, it allows remote monitoring of instrument status, alerting the user if manual interactions are required.

Remote monitoring increases productivity by allowing laboratory staff to perform other tasks, confident that they will be informed if the system requires attention. This is particularly useful if the instrument is in another room or building, or difficult to access, such as in a cold store.

CNS also offers connectivity with IFTTT, allowing laboratory staff to use changes in instrument status to trigger an ever-growing variety of internet services, such as:

  • Change the color of an internet-enabled light in the office area when an instrument requires user intervention
  • Add a line to a spreadsheet in a cloud when a run completes
  • Broadcast a message on a messaging app when all plates have been read, and the instrument now free for another user
  • This innovative connectivity option allows laboratories to take advantage of the ever-growing Internet of Things, creating a smart laboratory that uses the power of the internet to enhance the laboratory workflow."

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