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TC 140 G

The TC 140 G thermostatically controlled incubator is designed for continuous temperature control over a range of 2 ° to 40 °C, making it ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications.


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Ideal for various industrial and research applications, this thermostatically controlled cabinet offers precise temperature regulation with LED display monitoring.

Versatile Usage:

Our thermostatically controlled cabinet is perfect for both temperature-controlled sample storage and BOD determination in wastewater analysis. It features an integral temperature control unit compliant with EMC directive IEC 61326 for laboratory use.

Continuous Temperature Regulation:
Our thermostat cabinet offers seamless temperature control. With a range of 2-40°C, temperatures can be precisely set in increments of 0.1°C.

Internal Power Connectivity:
Equipped with multiple sockets inside, the cabinet facilitates the use of external devices with ease.

Energy-Efficient Design:

Utilising highly efficient components and enhanced insulation, our cabinet boasts low consumption values for optimal energy efficiency."

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