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Sticky Stuff

INFORS HTAvailable: Worldwide

Sticky Stuff, the adhesive matting from INFORS HT, is available in individual pieces (200 x 200 mm) for upgrading existing trays. Suitable for use on all metal surfaces, Sticky Stuff can also be applied to universal trays that have holes for test tubes. The same Sticky Stuff can even be used in multiple locations: simply pull back the adhesive matting and briefly place it in water to regenerate. The material will then return…

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Flexible loading
Any culture vessel with a smooth base can be loaded onto Sticky Stuff. Unlike universal trays, Sticky Stuff can be used with different vessel sizes without having to replace any clamps. Sticky Stuff is suitable for agitation speeds of up to 300 min-1.

Universally compatible
Sticky Stuff can be used within a broad range of temperatures—from 16 to 60 °C. Culture vessels can be easily removed from the gummy mat at any temperature. Existing universal trays—even those with holes—are suitable for use with Sticky Stuff as well.

Long lifespan
Sticky Stuff is reusable: just peel off the squares and apply them somewhere else. They can be readily cleaned with water or a mild soap, and desinfected with 70 % ethanol.


  • Suitable for holding an exceptionally wide range of flat-bottomed culture vessels in place—works for microtiter plates as well.


  • Can be used at agitation speeds of up to 300 min-1
  • Shake flasks of different sizes can be used in parallel on a single tray
  • Can be used within a temperature range of 16 to 60 °C
  • Can also be used on universal trays with holes


  • Just peel off the mat and place it somewhere else
  • Clean with water or mild soap
  • Disinfect with 70 % ethanol

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