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Discrete Droplet Dispensing™, ONLY cooler! Unleash the power of discrete droplet dispensing to enable superior performance. Better Yield. Higher Throughput. Expanded Dynamic Range. BioDot’s platform design expertise applied to the Lyobead formation challenge in an established product.

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Product Features:

  • Volumes: 2μL- 30μL as a single drop
  • Volume precision of <3% CV
  • High-speed, non-contact dispensing
  • Bulk Dispense Scalable from R&D to production environments
  • Printing with “Step-and-Repeat” and “On-the-Fly” mode"
  • Minimization of cold-chain logistics and costs
  • Lyobeads are thermally stable with a long shelf life
  • Lyobeads have lower risk of contamination
  • Lyobeads have single unit reconstitution


  • Enzymes​​
  • Buffers​​
  • Chromophores​​
  • Probiotics​​
  • Vaccines​​
  • Calibrators​​
  • PCR assays​​
  • Antibodies​​
  • Diagnostic reagents​​
  • Magnetic/Fluorescent Particles

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