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Scinomix RapidCAP2 Automated Tube Capping/Decapping


Automated Capper and Decapper


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Manually capping and decapping tubes is tedious and time-consuming work. It’s also a significant drain on precious staffing hours that could be used for more important tasks. To make matters worse, currently available automated capping/decapping solutions are costly and inflexible for most production environments, requiring expensive pre-racked tubes to operate and most have limited adaptability for refitting to new applications.

RapidCAP2, a budget-friendly capping/decapping solution that is fully compatible with inexpensively priced bulk 0.5ml to 2.0ml cryovials. Scinomix engineers designed RapidCAP2 specifically for lab managers working in production environments who have previously relied on premium-priced pre-racked tubes or inflexible single-task capping systems that are notoriously difficult to adapt to new applications. RapidCAP2 is a huge leap forward for capping and decapping speed, clocked at just 4.75 seconds per tube, making RapidCAP2 much faster than alternative machines and attractive for fast-paced applications. Loaded with features that are built for speed, convenience, and efficiency, the RapidCAP2 is a huge time saver for production environments and significantly reduces costs of consumables for daily production.

Caps and de-caps 0.5 ml to 2 ml cryovials
Fast cycle times: Capping and de-capping tube throughput is 4.75 seconds per tube
Factory configured system comes ready to go and configured to user’s needs
Can process any cap color
Dimensions: 22” W x 19” D x 22” H, 90 lbs.
Cap color sensor/detection adds an extra layer of QC
Small, bench-top device to free up valuable space in the lab
Designed using modular components to make servicing quick and easier which minimizes production downtime
Fits 2 SBS on deck plate, or Scinoimx can custom manufacture rack adapters
Integratable into third-party automation

User-friendly touch screen software makes operation simple
Does not require dedicated computer with specialty software
Touchscreen shows visual graphic of tubes being uncapped/capped
User can select specific tubes/racks to be uncapped/recapped

Provides time savings in the lab
Reduces repetitive injuries from capping and de-capping tubes
Allows user to purchase cheaper tubes in bulk rather than expensive pre-racked tubes

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