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QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit (2400)

For automated analysis of DNA fragments using QIAxcel instruments


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Good and easy to use.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Quality control DNA

We visualized the PCR amplicon to QC steps in the library prep

Review Date: 11 Nov 2023 | QIAGEN

QIAxcel instruments, when used in conjunction with QIAxcel DNA Kits, provide fully automated size separation and quantification of DNA fragments in up to 96 samples per run. QIAxcel technology, based on capillary electrophoresis using gel cartridges, provides unmatched resolution, speed, and throughput. QIAxcel gel cartridges are reusable, allowing up to 250 runs of 12 samples to be performed. Preinstalled methods suitable for most applications are provided. QIAGEN can also create customized methods for users.

​The QIAxcel DNA Kits are only used in combination with the QIAxcel Advanced System and the QIAxcel DNA Accessories.

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