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PreCursor-M AnoGYN (RUO)

Fujirebio81524Available: ,Western Europe,Asia,Eastern Europe,South Central America,Middle East,Africa,

PreCursor-M AnoGYN is a methylation-specific molecular assay to detect promoter hypermethylation of the human genes ASCL1 and ZNF582  in bisulfite-converted DNA prepared from human samples, for instance formalin-fixed paraffin embedded anal biopsies or anal swab specimens.

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One-step PCR:

  • Multiplex format enabling simultaneous amplification and detection of the two targets and controls in a single reaction

Ready-to-use mastermix:

  • Just add bisulfite-converted DNA


  • Robust
  • Good reproducibility
  • Built-in check for sample quality and normalization.

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