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Ohaus Dry Bath Heaters

Process More Samples with Large Capacity Block Heaters that Deliver Precise, Reliable Results

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Versatile Dry Block Heaters are ideal for applications that require temperature stability. All units hold one optional interchangeable modular block with over 40 choices. Blocks are easy to use, no tools required. Close tube-to-block contact enables maximum heat retention, resulting in efficient heating. Digital models offer exceptional temperature uniformity and stability for repeatable results, while non-digital models are an economical choice.
Versatile Block Heaters Designed for Everyday Use with Accessories for Every Application

  • Designed for reliable everyday use in the lab. Digital and non-digital Block Heaters offer exceptional temperature uniformity with outstanding temperature stability.
  • Ensure temperature accuracy. Digital models include a unique single point calibration feature to match the block heater's display to a known external temperature standard for 3 temperature setpoints.
  • Digital models feature easy to use touchpad controls with independent displays for temperature and time. Robust non-digital models are controlled with dual temperature adjustment knobs.
  • Available in several sizes from 1 block to 6 blocks and can accomodate a variety of plate and tube sizes

Catalogue numbers: HB1DG, HB1AL, HB2DG, HB2AL, HB2DGHL, HB4DG, HB4AL, HB6DG, HB6AL

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