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Multitron Standard

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Multitron Standard - Incubator Shaker For Microbial Applications 

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The Multitron Standard Incubation Shaker comes with everything you need for microbial applications. All you need to determine is the number of units, the shaking throw and if cooling is needed — and then you can get right to work.

Key Multitron Standard Features:

Suitable for bacteria, yeast and inc cells, e.g., mRNA, protein expression or media development

Comfortable working height:
The storage base provides comfortable access when working with one and two units. When three units are stacked on top of each other, the maximum working height is just 1.3 m.

Easy to use:
Automatic restart after closing the door and automatically locking, extendable trays make daily laboratory work easier.

Reproducible results:
High-quality components and the latest technology ensure reliable, long-term operation. Uniform temperature distribution across the entire tray guarantees homogeneous conditions and thus reproducible and comparable results.

Large capacity:
Despite their small footprint of just under one square meter, three stacked Multitron Standard units allow you to work with over 60L of culture in a stack. The interior can accommodate Erlenmeyer flasks up to 5 L in size

Versatile configuration options:
Available as a single unit or as two or three units stacked on top of each other; you may expand your system at any time.

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