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Multitron Incubator Shaker- For Uninterrupted 24/7 Operation And Reproducible Results

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Average Rating 4.1

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Great addition to photosynthesis lab


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Microorganism cultivation

We have the 3 incubator stack that is very convenient space wise. These incubators offer a lot of flexibility in terms of settings with different light intensities, shaking speed, humidity and CO2 percentage. Perfect instrument for people working on photosynthetic bugs.

Review Date: 10 Nov 2023 | INFORS HT

Good product but abusive after sales service


Average Rating 2.3

Application Area:

Protein Production

Was a great unit until the belt snapped and I contacted support as described in the manual and asked to buy a belt. The sales team then tried to sell me a service and a support call despite my asking to buy spare parts as indicated in the manual that you could. when I was told I couldn't buy spare parts and could only use a service agent I told them I would make a youtube video on how to buttweld PU round belt stock to make a new belt for the unit. The support member then threatened to report me to the higher-ups at my uni despite saying in the manual I could order parts. I've pulled this unit apart to move it between buildings and decontaminate it and have taken the belts off multiple times before, it does not require a service agent. Great unit but only buy it if your lab is bleeding cash and you don't want to do anything yourself. RIGHT TO REPAIR!

Review Date: 13 Mar 2023 | INFORS HT

In general, it is a good piece of equipment that is very easy to use and maintain.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Cell culture

Shaker is very well built. Holds temperature well. The sticky mat is super convenient! The door is a bit heavy and you need to push well to close it.

Review Date: 27 Aug 2020 | INFORS HT

Robust, not very beautiful but practical.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Microbiology: incubation

Robust, not very beautiful but practical. The tray is extractable but a little bit low

Review Date: 17 Jan 2019 | INFORS HT

Unlock the full potential of your research and cultivate with confidence using our workflow-oriented shaker. Configure your Multitron incubation shaker specifically for your application for perfect conditions for your microorganisms and cell culture processes. The incubation shaker will help minimize interruptions and ensure optimal productivity at every step.

The Multitron is the ultimate multitasker providing parallel processing in optimal growth conditions, handling screening and production in tandem. A triple stacked system can be used to cultivate up to 63 L or 23,000 experiments in parallel in less than a square meter of space.

You can't be in the lab monitoring your growth conditions day and night, but your incubation shaker can. Rely on your Multitron shaker to do the work for you with uninterrupted 24/7 operation, guaranteeing reproducible results with a high degree of temperature uniformity and precision.

Rely on INFORS HT's number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation.

Multitron Features:

Perfect working height and small footprint:

Even with a triple stacked system, the Multitron has a perfect working height at 1.4 meters, and a small footprint, allowing you to maximize your lab space and still maintain large capacity.

Uniform temperature distribution:

Worried about temperature uniformity? The Multitron provides a reliable environment for your cells with reproducible results across all trays. INFORS HT sets the standard for precise temperature uniformity.

Reduce lab contamination:

Don’t let lab contamination disrupt your cell growth. Rounded corners make the interior easy to clean, the bottom well is accessible for cleaning and the optional UV sterilization of the air flow provides additional safety.

Reduce evaporation loss:

The Multitron incubation shaker has an advanced humidification system option, which can humidify and dehumidify, and the cabinet design eliminates the risk of standing water inside the unit, reducing contamination risks.

User-friendly touchscreen interface:

The easy-to-use interface provides simultaneous overview of all parameters as well as an event list, showing all past events like door opening, alarms etc. Training for the programming is not needed due to the on-screen guidance.

Practical design features:

The Multitron Incubation Shaker was designed with you in mind. The unique automatic tray release and start-up feature keeps cultivation process interruptions to a minimum.

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