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Incubator Shaker - Minitron

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In terms of capacity, the Minitron has the half capacity of the Multitron Incubator Shaker, but it offers the same variety of application possibilities for microbial, animal, and plant cell cultures.

From standard experiments with microorganisms to complex cultivations of animal and plant cells, the Minitron has been designed to perform a comprehensive range of applications. Each Minitron is configured to your exact needs whilst the design ensures for a straightforward upgrade if required.

Key Minitron Features:

Suitable for microbial, animal, and plant cell cultures

Low co2-consumption:
The Minitron offers homogeneous conditions for reproducible results. Careful construction of the housing minimizes CO2 consumption to a standard comparable to static incubators.

Seamless monitoring:
Analog outputs for communication with house monitoring systems is readily available.

Two-tier stacking option and small dimensions:
The practical design and compact dimensions of the incubator shaker make it ideal for use in even the smallest of laboratories. It can be operated stacked in two units and as a single device, it even fits on a laboratory bench.

Clean and safe:
Cleanliness and safety are essential components of lab work, which is why our shakers have been optimized for hygiene. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces make the interior easy to clean thoroughly.

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