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MAC-MOD Safety Solutions

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No one in their right mind would drink acetonitrile, so why do you breathe it in every day? Protect yourself and your co-workers from exposure to category 11 toxic solvents

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Solvent evaporation in the laboratory from waste containers and solvent reservoirs is a significant concern and an unsolved problem in many labs today. A lack of attention to this danger exposes lab staff to Category 11 Toxic solvents in the breathable air. Common lab practices across HPLC and UHPLC labs leave mobile phase and waste reservoirs open to evaporation and rely on makeshift enclosures, such as cutting the tubing and pushing smaller tubes into the larger cut opening, incorrectly using parafilm or aluminum foil, drilling holes in mobile phase and safety caps, among many others. These shortcuts are ineffective for preventing the evaporation of harmful solvents, which exposes everyone to these hazardous chemicals. Some MAC-MOD SafetyCaps and SafetyWasteCaps advantages include:

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Easy to change
  • Neatly organizes tubing with no cut tubing
  • Available in different thread sizes
  • Seamless flow of solvent from LC to waste container

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