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iStir OH Prime Overhead Stirrer

iStir OH Prime is built to handle viscocity ranging from light watery solutions to highly viscous fluids that delivers variable speed upto 2000 RPM.

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Brushless DC motor for quiet operation and maintenance free long operation

Microprocessor controlled for maintenance of accuracy even with viscous liquid

Viscosity up to 30,000 mPas & 40 L volume

Adjustable speed ranging from 50 Up to 2000 RPM

Long timer setting from 1min to 99 hours 59 mins & continuous mode

With reversible mixing motion – CW/CCW

Large digital display for all the parameters at one glance

Uninterrupted operation through Smart control

Safety cut for overload, over current & over temperature – safety cut

Counter reaction to speed change

Push through shaft for viscous liquid or smaller vessels

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