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iStir 50L Large capacity stirrer

iStir 50L magnetic stirrer comes equipped with a top of range features which delivers exceptional stirring performance even under high loads of 50L volume of solution.

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Adjustable speed ranging from 100-1000 RPM with increment of 1 RPM and accuracy of +/- 10 RPM.

Long timer setting from 1 to 99 hours and 59 minutes & infinite mode.

Choice of acceleration rates from A1 to A


Stainless steel (SS) set up plate for corrosion protection.

Power Mode feature in case of power failure the equipment starts operating automatically for remaining left time on resumption.

Power Overload safety feature.

Optional feature of adjusting the height of the product.

Available with support frame for holding vessel.

programmable pulse mode from 30 sec to 300 secs

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