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iShak 3D -5 NXT shaker

iShak 3D-5 NXT comes with a maintenance free brushless DC motor which delivers exceptional performance to complement the device's high loading capacity resulting in thorough mixing of the solution even under big loads.

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Average Rating 4.7

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Great Instrument


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

For Homogeneous Mixing

I use this instrument for staining purpose. I find this very useful and effective as it's 3D movement covers entire area of my gels and stains evenly throughout. I also use it for western blotting where I keep instrument in a cool environment (4 degree) for overnight and it works best even at lower temperatures for long duration.

Review Date: 19 Dec 2023 | Accumax


Microprocessor controlled for efficient performance even under high load

Digital display

Set timer from 1 to 999 minutes with infinite mode

IP21 compliant rating protects the device against penetration of liquid

Easy access to clean and maintain

Non-slip strength rubber feet for maximum stability

Tumbling angle of 7 degrees ensure better results

Robust design

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