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Introspect is Tecan’s new, cloud-based software service that offers unparalleled insight into how Fluent® and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms are used. 

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Introspect is a powerful software service, offering unparalleled insight into how an organization’s liquid handling platforms are used. This cloud-based solution puts data on instrument uptime, use of consumables and error handling at your fingertips, providing laboratory and automation managers with a more accurate picture of instrument usage, availability and idle time.

Compatible with Fluent® and Freedom EVO® workstations, the system uses secure data transfer protocols to allow remote management of numerous instruments across multiple locations. Unlike handwritten, home brew or generic lab reporting tools, instrument data – including all historical data – is extracted and uploaded automatically. This allows businesses to plan and cost today, while ensuring business continuity for tomorrow.

Key benefits:

  • Automatic data extraction – eliminating the need for manual or generic recording tools
  • Custom data views – choose the data you want to see
  • Improved efficiency – helping you to improve ROI and plan for future growth
  • Access your data anywhere – secure encryption protocols allow you to access data from multiple instruments or several sites via your computer or smart phone
  • Understand historical data – gain retrospective insights from all your archived data on the day you install Introspect

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