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Inhibin B ELISA

Ansh LabsAL-107Available: Worldwide

Inhibin B is a useful research tool in Reproductive Endocrinology studies related to ovarian function assessment, spermatogenesis and testicular function, and oocyte quality.

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Excellent correlation with the patient history


Average Rating 5.0

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Product for Endocrinology and In vitro Reproduction

The advantage of the product is that is ready for use, is possible working in the automatize equipment with the excellent results. Is a product used by our pediatric endocrinologist and in vitro medic; it is a product that have a very good correlation with Mullerian Hormone in the tracking patient.

Review Date: 9 Aug 2017 | Ansh Labs

The Ansh Labs' Inhibin B ELISA is a quantitative three-step sandwich immunoassay.

The Ansh Labs Inhibin B ELISA captures the Beta-B subunit and sandwiches Inhibin B specifically by detecting the alpha subunit. The native human Inhibin B calibrators are optimized and stable after reconstitution up to 14 days at 2-8C, one year at -20C or colder and for up to three freeze-thaw cycles.

  • Wide dynamic range of 14–1300 pg/mL.
  • Sensitive to 7.23 pg/mL.
  • Total 3.5 hour incubation at room temperature.
  • Long shelf life of 24 months.
  • An in-the well sample extraction step using a proprietary detergent and oxidant solution is employed to destroy catalases and proteases present in samples, and to remove binding proteins and potential false positive result causing agents.
  • For Research Use Only within the United States.
  • CE Mark kit available for international purchases.

Ansh Labs, located just south of Houston Texas, is an FDA registered manufacturer of diagnostic test kits, antibodies, antigens, and proteins. Our scientists are experts in immunoassay development and have developed some of the most challenging hormone assays helping to advance research and clinical diagnostics in reproductive function, growth disorders, metabolism, and more.

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