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Froilabo Trust -86 Degree Freezer

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by Froilabo

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Froilabo Trust -86 Degree Freezer
Sample security: Sample preservation has been the key consideration in the development of our products. The Trust Freezer has been developed for the long-term storage of samples.
ULT Freezer performance: Priority has been given to fast temperature recovery without compromising the power consumption.
Intuitive and clear interface: Thanks to its eye level display, the Trust range informs you continuously about the proper functioning of the freezer and any alarms.
Ease of maintenance and diagnostics: Check the status of the freezer at a glance thanks to the ‘OK’ indicator.
3 Freezer volumes
4 hours to go down from +20°C to -80°C
88 cm wide
Capacity for 48000 sample tubes of 2 ml
100 years of know-how
A reliable solution for any laboratory

The Trust range consists of 3 volumes: 340, 515 and 690 L with a minimum footprint. This is equivalent to storage for up to 48000 cryotubes (2 mL).

Clear interface

Large ‘OK’ display allows you to check the the freezer is functioning properly at a glance. 7 alarm pictograms under the ‘OK’ button allow you to quickly and easily identify any alarm.

Active monitoring of your samples

– The TRUST range has been created for maximum security, thanks to a robust design
– The most reliable cold production system on the market: two compressors in cascade
– Automatic reactivation of the buzzer in the event of a long alarm
– Degraded mode: in the event of a break in the temperature sensor, the freezer goes into alarm and produces cold continuously
– BoSS system (optional).

A freezer created for your laboratory

– Freezer width of 87.5 cm regardless of the volume (possibility to pass 80 cm wide doors by dismounting the door handle).
– Compartments of identical size on all volumes.
– Removable gates for quick cleaning out of the freezer.
– Removable cassette filter that can be cleaned and easily interchanged.
– Heated door seal and anti frost formation.
– Heated decompression valve for instant reopening of the door.
– Stainless steel inner bowl with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

Simplified Preventative Maintenance

-“Plug & play” modular electronics
– Removable refrigeration unit
– Froilabo after-sales service: a team of technicians specialized in low-temperature refrigeration to maintain your freezers
– 7 alarm pictograms for rapid detection of a fault generating an alarm.

Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations

As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in all Froilabo freezers comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

Cryo-accumulator Option
Achieve optimised performance with Froilabo’s cryo-accumulator option. The cryo-accumulator ensures a delayed temperature rise in the event of power failure giving the user up to 18 hours to safeguard samples. Room temperature, volume of content within freezers and frequency of door openings can all affect temperature changes.

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