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ErgoOne® FAST Pipette Controller


FAST stands for Flexible, Accurate & Precise, Safe, Transfer

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During development of the ErgoOne® FAST electronic pipette controller, a high pipetting speed was recognised as an important feature.

The ErgoOne® FAST can fill a 25 ml pipette in less than than 4 seconds!

Every aspect of ErgoOne® FAST has been developed with ergonomics in mind. ErgoOne® FAST is one of the lightest pipette controllers on the market. It is designed for comfort and balances perfectly in the hand to provide fatigue-free pipetting, even during long periods.

  • Long battery life from easy to replace battery
  • Constant performance that does not decline along with battery charge
  • Can be recharged during use Easy, traffic light system battery charge indicator
  • No dripping of liquids for maximum precision
  • Use with all glass/plastic serological pipettes (1–100 ml)
  • Autoclavable aspiration cone, pipette adapter, filter and seal
  • Supplied with a wall mount and replacement membrane filters 2-year warranty

FAST stands for Flexible, Accurate & Precise, Safe, Transfer

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