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Eclipse Ts2 Inverted Research Microscope

Nikon's inverted routine microscope featuring a compact footprint, newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability, ideal for the tissue culture lab.

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Utilizing Nikon's industry-leading CFI60 optical system and LED illumination for both Diascopic and Epi-fluorescence imaging, the ECLIPSE Ts2 inverted microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and documentation. Furthermore, a newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability enhances its use for routine laboratory work.
Control buttons on the Ts2 microscope are intuitively located for a streamlined workflow.

Commonly used controls such as the on/off and Diascopic/Epi-fluorescence switching buttons are located at the front panel for easy reach. Buttons pertaining to either Diascopic or Epi-fluorescence control are zoned to the left and right sides of the microscope body, respectively, to eliminate confusion and improve workflow efficiency.

The LED light source is alignment-free, resulting in faster setup and consistent results. LEDs also eliminate frequent bulb replacements, saving the user time and money. Moreover, the new Contrast Shield (optional) provides high signal-to-noise fluorescence observation even in brightly lit culture rooms.

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