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Eclipse Ti2 LAPP System

Modular illumination system with ultimate flexibility and expandability, including TIRF.

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The Nikon Ti2-LAPP system provides modular illuminators for total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), photoactivation/conversion, photobleaching, epi-fluorescence, as well as super-resolution microscopy (N-STORM). Each module can be flexibly combined to build microscope systems that are optimized for individual research needs. For example, multiple TIRF modules can be incorporated into a single microscope for anisotropy experiments and fast, multi-angle TIRF imaging. Combined with the Ti2’s stratum structure, up to five illumination modules can be incorporated into a single microscope (e.g. two TIRFs, a FRAP, a DMD, and an Epi-FL module can all be integrated into one Ti2).

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