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Dynamica Velocity 14/14R

Benchtop Centrifuges

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The Velocity 14 / 14R centrifuges feature a compact footprint and provides the flexibility to alternate from micro-volume centrifugation to medium-volume centrifugation at an impressive maximum speed of 14,000 RPM / 20,290xg.

The versatile design of the Velocity 14 / 14R centrifuges offers the best from the perspective of micro-volume and medium-volume centrifugation. The FA15A rotor is sufficiently fast and yet accommodating for up to 24 x 1.5/2 ml tubes with a terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (18,726 x g) whilst the FA15C rotor has sufficient capacity for up to 6 x 50 ml tubes reaching an impressive terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (20,290 x g) in V14R. The new SW4C Swing Bucket Rotor further expands the flexibility of the centrifuges to incorporate a wide range of new applications.

With the Velocity 14 / 14R simply place the rotor on the drive shaft and that's all. The auto lock and secure mechanism performs the rest. Once centrifugation is complete simply lift the rotor off the drive shaft. Microchip technology allows for automatic recognition of rotor and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control. Furthermore new rotors can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced

The innovative high torque, drive technology effortlessly accelerates even the heaviest rotors to terminal velocity quickly and efficiently. Even the heaviest rotors with a full load will achieve maximum velocity within a few minutes. Besides, 9 pre-set acceleration and 9 pre-set deceleration profiles ensure the right conditions are set for the most precious of samples including density gradients. Innovative motor engineering and mounting including a flexible drive shaft allow for greater imbalance tolerances, so much so that samples can be balanced simply with the naked eye. No more weighing, just fill tubes or bottles to within 5mm of each other. A powerful non-CFC compressor cools the chamber quickly whilst maintaining the rotor at set temperature during centrifugation. Twin cooling fans - one each for the compressor and motor respectively - dissipate heat quickly to improve cooling efficiency and extend motor life.

Features and Characteristics:

  • Quick set rotor system
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • High Capacity (16x50ml or 36x15ml tubes, by rotor SW5L)
  • Faster acceleration and deceleration
  • Automatic imbalance motoring
  • High-performance cooling
  • Pre-cooling function
  • Safety Features
  • Testing the real temperature of the sample
  • User Friendly Operation and Information Rich Display
  • Low noise level

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