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DURA Innovations Dried Reagent Technology

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In biomedical research and even some clinical diagnostics assays many of the key reagents used are biological molecules with the same propensity to degrade with handling and storage. One approach to increase the stability of biomolecules is to remove the water. A common approach is called lyophilization. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has developed a proprietary method to dry reagents that does not involve the process of lyoph…

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Drying process creates a uniform reagent layer at the bottom of the tube.
Dry reagents don't require refrigeration.
Store it at room temperature for the study duration.


Antibody panels are supplied in a single-use cocktail.
Can be provided in user-defined vessel including a variety of tubes and plates.
Reagent is ready for addition of sample.


Suitable for drying conjugated antibodies, stabilizing them for room temperature storage.
Ability to combine different reagents, creating an antibody cocktail.
Ability to dry enumeration beads with the cocktail.


Technology is used in our off-the-shelf flow cytometry assays backed by our quality manufacturing system.
Available in our custom services for creation of user-defined assays.

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