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Cooled Vacuum Ovens VOcool

Outstanding precision thanks to Peltier technology

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Low-temperature vacuum drying enables pharmaceutical or food labs to gently dry bacteria and starter cultures in the cooled vacuum oven VOcool. Furthermore programme-controlled storage and transport scenarios for determining the behaviour of active ingredients or volumes at different pressure and temperature conditions can be simulated.

Cooled Vacuum Oven VOcool Features:

  • Temperature range +5°C to +90°C
  • 2 model sizes (29 and 49 litres volume)
  • State-of-the-art control technology based on the performance class for all models

The compact, energy-saving and extremely accurate Peltier cooling unit ensures a surface temperature distribution with a maximum deviation of ±1 K across the entire temperature range. Memmert is the only manufacturer worldwide offering digital pressure control as a standard for their vacuum ovens. Ramp programming of temperature and vacuum (-cycles) in combination with direct heating of shelves allows for turbo processes and no residual moisture. As much function as necessary, as much individuality as possible! In its basic version, the vacuum drying oven VOcool contains a thermoshelf, USB interface, Celsius software and MEMoryCARD.

Customise your oven precisely for your application and pay only for the options that you really need.

  • Optional switching to inert gas: Programmable and digitally controlled inlet for inert gas with a flow rate reduction
  • Optional pump control: Optimised rinsing procedures for pump membranes as needed, as well as signal output for pumps ON/OFF.

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