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Celltron incubator - Designed for use in CO2 

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For the best results in cell culture, every step counts. The Celltron is a small shaker specially developed for use in CO2 incubators — one that uses minimal energy and has an antimicrobial coating, making it perfect for starting out with shaking cell cultures.

Celltron Features:

Experience the advantages of shaking cell cultures
Improved oxygen transfer and homogeneous availability of the nutrients in the culture medium result in significantly better, scalable growth than can be achieved with static cell cultures.

Don’t give microorganisms a chance
The housing of our cell culture shakers is sealed with a certified antimicrobial coating, which reliably kills bacteria and fungi, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

Guaranteed resistance to corrosion
The use of enhanced materials such as ABS plastic and stainless steel make the Celltron an outstanding choice for use under the corrosive conditions in incubators with humidification and CO2 gassing.

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