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ARCTis™ Human Tumor CryoKit Starter

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ARCTis™ - Always Ready Cryo Tissues Convenient one-stop solution for testing compounds on 3D tumor cell cultures, cryopreserved in our well-known Akura™ 96 Plate. Thaw the plates at your convenience and let the cells recover for 3-5 days from the cryopreservation.  All steps from thawing to endpoint analysis are done in the same Akura™ 96 Plate. Each plate is delivered with 30 ml thawing medium for ease of mind. 


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The ARCTis™ Oncology portfolio enables the testing of compounds on plate formats without the issues deriving from shipping "freshly made" tumor spheroids (co-aligning of production and consumption, delivery delays through logistics or import/export concerns.) ARCTis™ Oncology plates allow you start testing compounds each time with the same start point for your tumor spheroids at your convenience. The allow for testing up to 9-11 days depending on the cell line doubling rate. The specially formulated thawing medium helps the cells to recover in a short period of time (3-5 days) and then are assay-ready. Based on the Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate medium exchange without loss of spheroids for ease of mind.

The ARCTis™ Starter Pack elements are as follows:

  • 6 x ARCTis™ plates – 2 plates for each of three different tumor cell lines: HCT116 (AT-NB00-0T0-001 HCT116), A549 (AT-NB00-0T0-001 A549) and T-47D (AT-NB00-0T0-001 T-47D)
  • 6 x 30ml Tumor Reaggregation Medium (CS-07-112-04)
  • 4 x 125ml Tumor Maintenance Medium (CS-07-112-03)
  • 1 x Tilting stand (CS-AG11)

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