Product News: NorDiag ASA and Xiril AG launches Bullet Pro

11 May 2012

NorDiag ASA and Xiril AG are planning to launch the Bullet Pro, an advanced high throughput sample preparation instrument. Xiril has developed additional features to NorDiag's Bullet instrument, and Xiril and NorDiag have agreed to extend and amended their current OEM supply agreement to include the upgraded version, the Bullet Pro. NorDiag will sell the instrument under its own brand name.

NorDiag has experienced stronger competition in the high throughput segment during the last two years, and has been working on an improved offering. Mårten Wigstøl, CEO of NorDiag said: "We have recently conducted an industry survey to detect what the customers want in a high throughput sample preparation solution. Xiril has further developed its Neon platform to fit our criteria and the customers needs, and we are pleased to be first out with the what we consider as the best stand alone high throughput sample preparation solution in the market with respect to features and price".

The agreement includes OEM supply of the enhanced high throughput instrument, which will have attractive features such as processing of primary tubes, PCR set up, HEPA filter and UV light. In addition, NorDiag has a strong and flexible application menu that is already established in the high throughput segment.

Dr. Juergen Lindemeier, CEO of Xiril comments: "We are excited to be part of this expanding business cooperation with NorDiag and are fully supporting the launch of the Bullet Pro. This is important for Xiril, as it also demonstrates our advantages and we look much forward to the feedback from the market". Xiril and NorDiag will also look at potential distribution channels for the Bullet Pro and its applications in order to drive higher sales volumes.