Product News: Xiril AG Introduce the Robotic Workstation for Ultimate Lab Automation

05 Aug 2011

Laboratories around the world have to depend on reproducible and reliable pipetting of liquid samples every day, and also cope with the demands of increased throughput and price pressure. Xiril’s series of liquid handling robotic workstations provides the precision, robustness, cost efficiency and ease of use to cope with these needs.

With smart pipetting technology and the user-friendly software Lirix you can easily transform your applications onto these flexible, open designed robotic workstations. Xiril´s unique combination of liquid handling and robotic manipulation incorporated into the same robotic arm using the pipetting channels generates outstanding functionality, quality and results within a very space saving footprint. Up to 8 channels are able to move independently in Y- and Z- direction providing highest flexibility for your individual applications.

Tedious manual pipetting jobs, with risks of errors, cross-contamination, and health hazards, can thus easily be converted into automation, facilitating and securing your liquid handling processes.

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