Product News: Workstations Used in Creation of Clostridium-Assisted Drug Delivery Platforms

Anaerobic workstations from Don Whitley Scientific are being used to develop novel microbial technology for biotherapeutics

02 Aug 2019

The human gut microbiome is a large ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoans which are present in the digestive system. Research in this area has flourished recently due to the technological advancement of large screening processes. Despite this field being in its preliminary stages where the functional properties of the complex gut microbiome still remain rather elusive, there are several newly-documented findings which could revolutionise disease etiology and further enhance medical treatments.

Dr David Kirk, Senior Scientist at CHAIN Biotechnology, recently discussed how his laboratory uses Whitley Workstations to create Clostridium-assisted drug delivery platforms in a bid to counter inflammatory bowel disease caused by dysbiosis of the human gut microbiome. Watch the full video here>>

The Microbiome and Whitley Workstations

Appealing to diverse requirements for clinical and research applications, the Whitley Workstation range offers solutions for both small and large laboratories. The A25 Anaerobic Workstation - the most compact yet - has capacity for 200 petri dishes and is an ideal upgrade from anaerobic jars, whilst the A155 HEPA -  with a huge capacity of 1,840 litres - allows two researchers to work side-by-side and can accommodate equipment including cell sorters, colony pickers, high throughput bio-reactors, microscopes and spiral platers such as the Workstation WASP Touch

HEPA filtration is also available on several workstation models. This ensures that the internal atmosphere is filtered hundreds of times every hour, exceeding the requirements of ISO 14644 Class 3. 

Contract laboratory services

Complete with its own GLP compliant contract laboratory in-house, Don Whitley Scientific can also provide services across the whole spectrum of microbiology, from routine analysis/quality control to substantial research and development programmes for major multinational pharmaceutical companies. Among other things it offers MIC and MBC testing, antimicrobial kill curves, determination of post-antibiotic effect, microbiological essays and in vitro efficacy testing of antimicrobial wound dressings.

Don Whitley Scientific are market leaders in the supply of anaerobic workstations, spiral platers and much more, and a variety of public and private sector organisations have benefited from the expertise and ingenuity for over 40 years. Designing and manufacturing a constantly-evolving range of innovative products, Don Whitley Scientific provides equipment to the microbiology and cell culture industries, and an increasing number of our customers are involved in gut microbiome research.  

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