Product News: Win a VACUSAFE Aspiration System from INTEGRA

06 Jul 2020

INTEGRA Biosciences is giving you the chance to win a VACUSAFE Aspiration System for your lab. This compact, all-in-one laboratory vacuum pump is designed to enable safe and efficient collection and containment of biological liquid waste, meeting stringent biosafety level guidelines (BSL-1 to -3). Easy to use and operate, it combines a vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and hydrophobic filter in a closed system, with a range of safety features that promise total containment of biohazardous liquids and optimal protection of operators for maximum productivity. 

Each VACUSAFE system is supplied with the VACUBOY vacuum hand operator, which can be fitted with a variety of adapters and consumables to allow gentle aspiration of liquids from virtually any type of labware, including tubes, dishes, bottles, T-flasks, and 24 and 96 well microplates, as well as fast emptying of large culture flasks. To further increase versatility, two VACUBOY hand operators can be connected to the same VACUSAFE, allowing two people to work simultaneously in one biosafety cabinet.
We’re giving you a chance to win one of 20 VACUSAFE Aspiration Systems for your lab, including:

  • VACUSAFE Aspiration System with integrated pump
  • 4 liter bottle (polypropylene) and bottle handle
  • Lid with quick tubing couplings (PVDF) and liquid level sensor
  • Tubing set with filter
  • VACUBOY hand operator

The competition is open to everyone – whether or not you are an existing customer – and entering is easy. All you need to do is visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website and fill out a short questionnaire. The deadline for entries is the 30th of September, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards.

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