Product News: Whole Genome Amplification Service from LGC

24 Dec 2013

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) is a PCR technique that is used to produce large quantities of DNA from a small amount of starting material. Unlike conventional PCR, WGA is aimed at amplifying the entire genome of an organism rather than a specific region. LGC is offering their Whole Genome Amplification Service from £4.68 / €5.61 / $8.98 per sample, until the end of January. The total price is dependent on final number of samples. Please request a quote for your project specific price.

How much input DNA do I need to provide for WGA?

A minimum mass of 50ng DNA is required per reaction. Note: if the genomic DNA is from a species with a genome size considerably larger than that of human, the required starting mass of DNA will be greater than 50ng.

What yield can be expected?

The product is usually amplified to a concentration of 500-1000 times that of the starting material. Actual yield is dependent on quality of input DNA. The DNA is suitable for many applications including KASP genotyping on more than 1000 SNPs.

Why choose LGC?

• Convenient and fast DNA amplification.
• DNA ready for many applications, including KASP™ Genotyping on thousands of SNPs.
• Our experienced scientists work with our customers in AgBio, academics, government research and healthcare industries every day to solve difficult challenges.

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