Editorial Article: Which solid support should you select for your oligo synthesis?

Explore our guided solid support finder with partners LGC Biosearch Technologies

24 Jul 2023

Oligonucleotide synthesis is an integral part of molecular biology and has extensive applications across research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. For the success of these applications, however, reliable and reproducible preparation techniques are vital.

The use of a solid-phase support has revolutionized the process of oligonucleotide synthesis, with controlled pore glass (CPG) becoming the gold standard due to its distinct porous properties. But, choosing the right CPG still forms a critical consideration, as the type, porosity, and size can affect the oligonucleotide synthesis process and the purity of the final product. Ultimately, the choice of CPG should meet the requirements of the oligonucleotide application, with some factors to consider being the amount of support needed, the synthesis scale, and the desired purification method.

To simplify the process and help direct you towards the right CPG selection for your application, explore our guided solid support finder below in partnership with LGC Biosearch Technologies:


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