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Product News: Waters new Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution accelerates real-world testing from months to weeks

24 Mar 2023

Waters Corporation recently announced a new Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution from its TA Instruments™ Division for the high-resolution characterization of battery cells. The instrument and software combination enables non-destructive testing under real-world operating conditions and significantly reduces experiment time from months to weeks, while providing decisive insights for greater battery efficiency, safety, and stability. 

The solution combines the TA Instruments high-resolution TAM IV Isothermal Microcalorimeter and integrated TAM Assistant Software platform with a BioLogic VSP-300 potentiostat (battery research instrument) to deliver accurate, rapid detection of parasitic heat reactions, an early indicator of battery efficiency. The Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter supports testing of three common battery types – coin, pouch, and 18650 cylindrical – for charge/discharge and thermal testing in parallel. It can maximize researcher efficiency with support for testing and data collection of up to 12 coin-sized batteries simultaneously – six times more than competitive offerings.

The easy-to-read TAM Assistant Software reduces technical barriers to training while enabling researchers to define parameters and plotting options, as well as interpret aggregated data to make informed decisions for their experimental or process strategy. This novel solution enables researchers to better predict electrolyte calendar life, which aids in the development of new electrolytes and electrode materials.