Product News: Waters Collaborates with IonSense on Direct Analysis for Mass Detection

Waters and IonSense exploring the possibilities enabled by coupling the IonSense DART Source to the Waters ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

08 Jun 2017

Waters Corporation has announced a collaborative engagement with IonSense (Saugus, Mass.) to interface the compact Waters® ACQUITY® QDa® Mass Detector with the IonSense® DART® ionization source. The combination of the two products will enable the rapid generation of mass data directly from liquid or solid samples with little or no sample preparation and is expected to be a valuable tool for medicinal chemists monitoring reactions, forensic investigators, product quality groups and for many other applications. 

“Since its introduction in 2013, the QDa detector has brought the benefits of high quality mass spectral information to a broad spectrum of applications in a number of industries,” said Gary Harland, Senior Director, Mass Spectrometry Product Management, Waters Corporation. “Our collaborative engagement with IonSense promises to make mass spectral data accessible to even more customers and markets.”

About DART Technology

DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) is an open air ionization source for rapid, noncontact surface sampling of compounds with minimal sample prep requirements.  The source enables near instantaneous determination of sample composition after thermal desorption of the sample at different temperatures for a more complete analysis. 

DART is a versatile method for rapidly detecting hundreds of chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and their metabolites, synthetic organic molecules, organometallics, explosives and toxins. The method permits detection of these chemicals on a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, human skin, currency, paper stock, vegetables, fruit, and even clothing making it ideal for applications in the emerging fields of homeland security, product fraud and contaminant detection.

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About Waters ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

Introduced in 2013, the Waters ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector serves a need for laboratories running liquid chromatography methods for a compact, quiet and inexpensive detector that detects compounds having no UV response or that are present at levels not measureable by optical detection. The QDa detector greatly reduces the risk that a sample component will go undetected and reduces the need for re-analysis where a co-elution is suspected.

The QDa detector is now routinely used for obtaining information on small molecule drugs, food and food ingredient quality, and biopharmaceuticals including proteins, peptides, glycans, and oligonucleotides.

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