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Product News: Waters boosts resolution and triples scan speed of SELECT SERIES MRT for metabolomics and MS imaging

07 Jun 2023

Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) has announced new updates to its SELECT SERIES™ MRT System that increases its specificity and utility for UPLC-MS/MS metabolomics and drug discovery applications and for mass spectrometry imaging experiments. The MRT System now offers 50% higher resolution, making it capable of 300,000 FWHM resolution, a 3X faster scan rate, and parts-per-billion mass accuracy.

These MRT System enhancements are designed to help research scientists unambiguously identify analytes of interest in samples of blood, urine, and tissue contributing to a greater understanding of molecules and their mechanisms of action in numerous scientific fields. It is compatible with numerous MS imaging sources including DESI and MALDI, and generates crystal-clear, high-resolution images without compromising mass spectral resolution or accuracy.

"Research scientists can generate higher quality data in less time with the new enhancements to the SELECT SERIES MRT System," said Stephen Smith, Vice President, Discovery & Development, Waters Corporation. "Faster scanning of UPLC peaks and a doubling of the flight time that ions spend in the analyzer, means our customers can identify with greater certainty which molecules are represented by which mass spectral peaks. This key information is invaluable if it means their research translates into the clinic faster or into higher success rates for promising new drug candidates."

Professor Simona Francese is one of Sheffield-Hallam University's principal investigators whose team's breast cancer proof of concept study in Nature Scientific Reports recently drew national and international media attention. She's eager to investigate how the MRT Systems, which the University's Centre for Mass Spectrometry Imaging recently acquired, can accelerate her research.

"The MRT System's sensitivity, mass accuracy, and resolution gives me considerable hope that it will make a crucial difference with both our forensic and clinical diagnostic research," says Prof. Francese. "We anticipate the instruments will take our 3D cell culture, disease mechanism, and drug distribution collaborative studies to new heights."

The new resolution enhancement mode is available as an optional upgrade to currently installed and new SELECT SERIES MRT Systems.

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