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Product News: Voyager™ The Most Productive Hand-held Pipettor Ever

25 Feb 2009

Available with eight or twelve channels the new Voyager™ electronic pipettors feature a revolutionary mechanism that alters tip spacing at the press of a button. Voyager incorporates a small motor that moves the center-to-center tip spacing quickly and smoothly at any point in a protocol, all with one hand.

Users can preset up to three distinct tip spacings to accommodate almost any labware vessels. Tip spacing adjustments from 4.5mm to 14.0mm are possible with the 12.5uL and 125uL models and 9.0mm to 14.0mm with the 300ul and 1250uL models. All Voyager pipettors share the same easy-to-use Touch Wheel™ controller from the award winning Vision® pipettor series with intuitive programming. A total of six Voyager models are now available, four 8-channel models in volumes ranging from 0.5uL to 1250uL and two 12-channel models for volumes ranging from 0.5uL to 125uL.

This unique product now makes quick work of tedious sample transfers between varying labware formats while drastically reducing transcription errors. Contact Viaflo for more details on the productivity gains achievable with Voyager or any of the company’s other innovative liquid handling products.

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