Product News: Visitron VisiTIRF: New Automated Angle Alignment Feature

29 Mar 2011

Photon Lines Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of their partner Visitron Systems’ VisiTIRF system.

Modern cell biology on living cells and tissues has reached revolutionary success in biological, medical and pharmacological research in recent years. Users of the VisiScope system can reliably document living organisms and intracellular processes, even over a period of several days. Whereas until recently microscopists were restricted in their ability to analyse samples imposed by the limitations of manual adjustment, fully automated fluorescence microscopes with multidimensional control are now available. The VisiScope Cell Explorer, based on Visitron imaging software, solves all these new challenges in a user friendly fashion, with the highest precision.

Any combination of Visitron’s FRAP or TIRF technology is possible with their VisiScope Live Cell Imager. The newest development is the “VisiTIRF Option AAA, standing for auto angle alignment”. The laser positioning can now be achieved by a high precision automated stage. The TIRF angle and the adjustment of the required TIRF penetration depth is easily controlled by Visitron’s Imaging Software, VisiView.

For MultiColor-TIRF the individual laser can be pre-adjusted for best focus at the evanescence field.