Product News: UVP Unveils Several New BioImaging Systems at Analytica 2008

31 Mar 2008

UVP, LLC subsidiary, Ultra-Violet Products Ltd., will exhibit at Analytica in Munich (01-04 April) introducing an extensive new line of BioImaging Systems and enhancements for researchers performing a wide-range of fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging applications.
  • See the advanced capabilities of the iBox® Imaging System that is configured specifically for fluorescent imaging of small animals. UVP partners with AntiCancer, Inc. for fluorescent protein-based small animal imaging technology providing researchers with extensive techniques and applications technology.
  • BioSpectrum® multifunctional imaging systems combine new high performance optics and motorized lift with the systems' advanced features for enhanced imaging fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging capabilities. The BioSpectrum 800 for 2D imaging offers the highest resolution 8.3 megapixel CCD camera on the market. UVP partners with Nonlinear Dynamics to introduce Prodigy SameSpots 2D analysis software.
  • The new GelDoc-It™ TS is uniquely configured with a 15 inch LCD touch screen making it the world’s highest spec, stand-alone gel documentation and ANALYSIS system.
  • UVP’s BioDoc-It™ stand-alone compact gel imaging system is upgraded to a larger 8 inch viewing LCD monitor.
  • The new PhotoDoc-It™ basic, digital color gel documentation system is now available with a 5.6 inch LCD screen for fast preview of images.

New electronic ballasted transilluminators join UVP’s FirstLight® UV Illuminator to provide high ultraviolet output and intensity. Features of the new models include no light flicker, fast lamp start-up and universal power supply.

Alexander Waluszko, UVP’s Vice President for Marketing and Sales, stated “UVP is moving quickly ahead on several initiative fronts to provide the life science Community with the highest value and performance BioImaging Systems in the world. This is why we say … Anything You Can Imagine, UVP Can Image!”

Björn Sundberg, General Manager at Ultra-Violet Products Ltd, stated "We are very excited to present at Analytica our improved and most advanced product range to date to provide the best imaging tools available on the market."