Product News: UVP to Show Range of BioImaging Systems Including iBox Scienta Small Animal Imaging System at ASM 2010

18 May 2010

UVP will be celebrating 20 years of imaging by showcasing imaging systems. Learn more about the iBox® Imaging System for capturing small animal fluorescent protein images, the BioDoc-It for basic gel documentation, the ColonyDoc-It colony counting imaging station and the automated BioSpectrum® Imaging System for fluorescent, colorimetric, bioluminescent and chemiluminescent imaging.

UVP’s iBox® Scientia™ Small Animal Optical Imaging System for non-invasive in-vivo imaging and detection of fluorescent markers in small animals. The iBox is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use system that speeds up basic and preclinical research studies in tumors, immunology, oncology, metastasis and metabolic diseases. Automated system controls with advanced algorithms enable accurate, reproducible imaging and quantitative analysis. High resolution and low light sensitivity allows detection of fluorescent markers deep within the animal. The multispectral capabilities allow excitation of all fluorescent markers (NIR-VIS-UV).

UVP’s BioSpectrum® Imaging System with VisionWorks®LS Imaging Software enables protocol personalization. Features include automated control of lighting and optics, sample positioning via motorized platform and extensive workflow and powerful analysis capabilities. The BioSpectrum is designed for multiple imaging applications including chemiluminescent, fluorescent, bioluminescent and colorimetric imaging.

The BioDoc-It® Imaging System allows basic gel documentation in a compact, multiple-user system. The touch screen easily controls image capture. Save images to the USB thumb drive or transfer to another computer via network connectivity.

Fast, accurate colony counting is possible with the ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station. Automate colony counting with the touch of a button. The wide range of applications includes food testing, microbiology, quality control, environmental, pharmaceutical and public health.

UVP designs and manufactures a wide range of laboratory and ultraviolet products. These products include a range of hybridization ovens with microprocessor controlled temperature and rotation settings. HEPA/UV PCR systems with a four-stage HEPA filter system and multiple 254nm UV sources for maximum contamination control. Ultraviolet products include UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers and cabinets as well as the world’s largest selection of handheld and bench UV lamps and light sources for science, industry and education.

Visit booth 911 to find out more.